Medicine and life sciences

Health - Jul 11
There are two forms of T cell therapy: either a recipient receives cells from a donor, or the recipient's own T cells are removed, genetically reprogrammed in a laboratory and unleashed against an infection or tumor in the body. While the first method has proven to be successful in clinical models, reprogramming T cells is still beset with problems.
Life Sciences - Jul 10
Life Sciences

Würzburg Scientists have precisely followed the activity of thousands of genes in individual cells for hours.

Environment - Jul 1

Bark beetles are currently responsible for killing an unprecedented number of trees in forests across Europe and North America.

Chemistry - Jul 2

Whether they are synthetic materials such as PET and Teflon, medicines or flavourings, life without synthetically produced compounds is barely conceivable in our everyday lives today.

Pharmacology - Jun 28

It is becoming much more common for patients to be treated with several different medications. It is often necessary for the patient to take them at fixed intervals - a limitation that makes everyday life difficult and increases the risk of doses being skipped or forgotten.

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