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Pharmacology - Mar 26
Clinical trials on Covid-19 at university hospital TUM Klinikum rechts der Isar The university hospital is participating in studies on new medications for people suffering from Covid-19. As part of a clinical study, patients can be treated with medications that are still under development. 50 patients infected with the novel Coronavirus are currently being treated at the university hospital TUM Klinikum rechts der Isar.
Chemistry - Mar 26

Flavorings containing benzaldehyde can develop benzene under the influence of light - In 2013, the Stiftung Warentest found harmful benzene in drinks with cherry flavor.

Life Sciences - Mar 25

Z-form nucleic acids are double-stranded DNA and RNA molecules with an unusual left-handed double helix structure, as opposed to the classical right-handed Watson-Crick double helix. Z-nucleic acids were discovered more than 40 years ago, but their biological function has remained poorly understood.


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Health - Pharmacology - 02.04.2020
New collaborative coronavirus research
The Berlin University Alliance has allocated approximately ¤1.8 billion in funding for research into the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 No 061/2020 from Apr 02, 2020 A joint press release by Fr

Life Sciences - Career - 31.03.2020
Three Researchers at Freie Universität Receive Grants from the European Research Council
ERC Advanced Grants for Biochemist Volker Haucke, Science Historian Mathieu Ossendrijver, and Linguist Friedemann Pulvermüller No 060/2020 from Mar 31, 2020 Researchers at Freie Universität Berlin have received three prestigious ERC Advanced Grants from the European Research Council (ERC).

Pedagogy - Pharmacology - 30.03.2020

Religions - 30.03.2020
"Every pilgrim cries at some point - for joy"
Prof. Traugott Roser from the Faculty of Protestant Theology spent four and a half weeks hiking across Northern Spain on the “Camino Francés”, following the old pilgrim's route of St. James.

Health - Administration - 27.03.2020

Law - 16.03.2020
Botanischer Garten vorerst geschlossen
In a recent publication, Nora Markard , Professor of International Public Law and International Human Rights Protection at the University of Münster, looked at the issues of sea rescues, places of safety and the behaviour of the European Union (EU).

Materials Science - 13.03.2020
Start des Sommersemesters an der Universität Münster auf den 20. April verschoben
Start des Sommersemesters an der Universität Münster auf den 20. April verschoben
On March 6, 35 international scientists set off on a special research trip. With the research vessel "Sonne" they set off from Cape Town in South Africa into the Indian Ocean to study the submarine uplift "Marion Rise" on the so-called Southwest Indian Ridge.

Academic Rankings - 04.03.2020

Life Sciences - 03.03.2020
"Biology lessons at school should be exciting"
University of Münster Collaborative Research Centre 1348 ' "Dynamic Cellular Interfaces" ' offers work placements for senior school students majoring in Biology For two weeks, every spring and autumn,

Linguistics / Literature - 03.03.2020

Health - Life Sciences - 02.03.2020
20,000 euros for junior scientists in "cell dynamics and imaging"
Carrying out interdisciplinary research and broadening scientific horizons / Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre at the University of Münster supports career steps Acquiring funding for your own research ideas, gaining experience in various working groups or presenting your research findings at international conferences - these are all important steps on the career ladder in science.

Life Sciences - 25.02.2020
Innovative dyes for keeping produce fresh
Innovative dyes for keeping produce fresh
Guest scientist from Nigeria wants to counteract problems in sub-Saharan Africa / Cooperation with Center for Soft Nanoscience at the University of Münster In Sub-Saharan Africa, farmers rush their fresh fruits and vegetables to market to sell them before they go bad.

Event - Linguistics / Literature - 25.02.2020

Health - Life Sciences - 25.02.2020

Architecture - Environment - 20.02.2020
Living in the city and dying in the city
Living in the city and dying in the city
Students create innovative concepts for a hospice People receiving end-of-life care are usually cut off from the outside world in their hospice rooms.

Business / Economics - 20.02.2020

Pharmacology - 20.02.2020
Active droplets
Active droplets
Long-lasting and precise dosing of medication thanks to an oil-hydrogel mixture Using a mixture of oil droplets and hydrogel, medical active agents can be not only precisely dosed, but also continuously administered over periods of up to several days. The active agents inside the active droplets are released at a constant rate, decreasing the risk of overor underdosage.

History / Archeology - 19.02.2020

Microtechnics - 19.02.2020
Leading center for robotic assistance for the elderly
Leading center for robotic assistance for the elderly
Geriatronics Research Center in Garmisch-Partenkirchen With leading local representatives and TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann in attendance, scientists from the Technical University of Munich (

Physics - Materials Science - 17.02.2020

Environment - Life Sciences - 14.02.2020
"Bioeconomy has many facets": Science Year 2020
A look inside the newspapers is enough to show us that, from climate change to plastic waste, humanity is confronted with enormous ecological crises which have one thing in common: fossil resources such as oil which, directly or indirectly, are contributing to the catastrophes.

Social Sciences - 12.02.2020
Use of Facial Recognition Technology Met with Different Acceptance Levels in China, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States
A team of researchers from Freie Universität Berlin and the University of St. Gallen surveyed 6,500 people from four countries No 032/2020 from Feb 12, 2020 According to a study by researchers

Life Sciences - Health - 10.02.2020
Major project for Munich neurosciences
Major project for Munich neurosciences
CLINSPECT-M: Clinical mass spectrometry center for molecular brain research In a joint large-scale project, Munich scientists from proteomics, computer science and medicine investigate the causes of d

Transport - 10.02.2020

Transport - 10.02.2020

Environment - Materials Science - 06.02.2020
"Cities are increasingly reaching their limits"
Extreme dry spells, shorter spring periods: Groundwater tables in Germany are declining.

Environment - Life Sciences - 04.02.2020
Luc De Meester is the new director of the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries
With the position, the Belgian aquatic ecologist and evolutionary biologist will also take over the professorship of Freshwater Science at Freie Universität Berlin No 024/2020 from Feb 04, 2020 The B

Politics - Administration - 04.02.2020

History / Archeology - 03.02.2020
Thomas Apolte on the modern myth of revolution
Thomas Apolte on the modern myth of revolution
After the disaster of the Arab Spring, the modern myth of revolution initially lost some of its attractiveness, but the myth has been revived again in the wake of the latest wave of mass protests in many countries across the world.

Event - Innovation - 03.02.2020
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