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Sport - Jun 5, 2018
How can success in soccer be measured? With the amount of positional data available in modern soccer, this question seems particularly interesting in the run-up to a World Cup. Sports data scientist Dr. Daniel Link from the TUM has developed a model that can be used to measure how likely a team is to score a goal during a match.
Sport - Nov 6, 2017

What are the effects of LED lighting and the climate on different types of sports turf? At the greenhouse laboratory center Dürnast, this question is addressed by TUM researchers.

Sport - Apr 3, 2017

Press release issued jointly by Freie Universität Berlin and TU Kaiserslautern. ‘ 067/2017 from Apr 03, 2017 Numerous slip-ups in connection with the investigation against the terrorist attacker Anis Amri are just one indication that cooperation between authorities is not always smooth.

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