Physics - Jul 29
Research Team Led by Freie Universität Designs New Materials. No 133/2020 from Jul 29, 2020 Scientists at Freie Universität Berlin, Universität Hamburg, and Universidade Federaldo Ceará in Brazil showed that crystals of tiny gold spheres bind light. The new material shows the strongest coupling to light reported so far.
Physics - Jul 29

Researchers develop for the first time light fields using caustics that do not change during propagation / Study in "Nature Communications" Modern applications as high resolution microsopy or microor nanoscale material processing require customized laser beams that do not change during propagation.

Astronomy - Jul 28

SAPHiR multi-anvil press solves mystery of the solar system - Meteorites give us insight into the early development of the solar system.

Environment - Jul 29

New international research breaks ground for the next generation of biodiversity forecasts

Health - Jul 28

Research team led by the University of Göttingen analyses design and communication strategies for mass acceptance.

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