Environment - Nov 27
Scientists from Heidelberg University investigate which factors determine the stability of ice masses in East Antarctica. As temperatures rise due to climate change, the melting of polar ice sheets is accelerating. An international team of researchers led by geoscientist Dr Kim Jakob from Heidelberg University has now examined the dynamics of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet more closely.
Health - Nov 27

A great success for the University of Münster: the German Research Foundation (DFG) is funding two new Collaborative Research Centres (CRC).

Astronomy - Nov 26

Near the centre of the Milky Way there exists a heretofore unknown population of stars that exhibits characteristic properties. It was discovered by an international research team under the direction of Dr Manuel Arca Sedda of Collaborative Research Centre "The Milky Way System" (CRC 881) of Heidelberg University. The scientists identified as the origin of these stars a globular cluster that made its way into the centre of our home Galaxy a long time ago.

Life Sciences - Nov 27
Life Sciences

The cytosolic sensor NLRP1 identifies viruses as non-self and triggers inflammatory responses - The ability to differentiate between self and potentially harmful non-self is vital for the integrity and survival of organisms.

Physics - Nov 26

Borexino detector succeeds in measuring the sun's CNO fusion cycle - The Borexino Experiment research team has succeeded in detecting neutrinos from the sun's second fusion process, the Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen cycle (CNO cycle) for the first time.

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