Mathematics - May 10
Mathematicians find core mechanism to calculate tipping points - Climate change, a pandemic or the coordinated activity of neurons in the brain: In all of these examples, a transition takes place at a certain point from the base state to a new state. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have discovered a universal mathematical structure at these so-called tipping points.
Earth Sciences - May 6
Earth Sciences

A geoscientific research team led by scientists from the University of Cologne has come a decisive step closer to determining the oxygen levels in the early Earth's history by analysing the composition of tungsten isotopes / publication in PNAS Oxygen is essential for the development of higher life.

History - May 5

Researchers including Göttingen University show Bronze Age witnessed revolution in small change across Europe.

Microtechnics - May 5

Interview: Why robots need reflexes Robots could safeguard people from pain Reflexes protect our bodies - for example when we pull our hand back from a hot stove.

Life Sciences - May 5
Life Sciences

A research team led by Göttingen University find novel switch in proteins with wide-ranging implications for medical treatments.

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Physics - 07.05
Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in für den Bereich Stadtphysik-Modellierung Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik IBP, Valley
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Head of Research Financing (m/w/d) Agentur für Innovation in der Cybersicherheit GmbH, Halle
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Wissenschaftlicher Projektkoordinator (m/w/d) Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, Teltow bei Berlin
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