Computer Science - Dec 6
Computer Science
Researchers train AI to predict new compounds. A new algorithm has been designed to help discover previously unknown material compounds. It was developed by a team from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Friedrich Schiller University Jena and Lund University in Sweden. The researchers designed a form of artificial intelligence (AI) based on machine learning that can perform complex calculations within a very short space of time. This has enabled the team to identify several thousand potential new compounds using a computer. The study was published in the journal "Science Advances".
Astronomy - Dec 3

Researchers study cosmic expansion using methods from many-body physics / Article published in -Physical Review Letters- It is almost always assumed in cosmological calculations that there is a even distribution of matter in the universe.

Pharmacology - Nov 30

Food supplements are available in a lot of places - in drugstores, health food shops, pharmacies and on the Internet - and the market is booming.

Physics - Dec 2

While the number of qubits and the stability of quantum states are still limiting current quantum computing devices, there are questions where these processors are already able to leverage their enormous computing power.

Physics - Nov 30

International research team led by Göttingen University develops novel sampling method for bats How can we understand the activity of wild bats? Mostly soundless, flying in the dark, bats feed at night and evade our senses.

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Professor*in für Forschung im Bereich Experimentelles Design und Medienkulturen (80–100 %) Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW, Basel
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Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Populationsneurowissenschaften CharitéCentrum für Neurologie, Neurochirurgie und Psychiatrie, Berlin
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Accelerator Physicist Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen PSI
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