Astronomy - Dec 12
Hitherto unknown structures in belts of dust and gas around young stars are providing new insights into the birth of planets along with compelling fodder for research. They were discovered by an international team of astronomers that studied 20 of these so-called protoplanetary discs in a months-long observing campaign.
Life Sciences - Dec 11
Life Sciences

The skin is our largest organ, and, among other things, it provides protection against mechanical impacts.

Life Sciences - Dec 6
Life Sciences

Spider silk belongs to the toughest fibres in nature and has astounding properties. Scientists from the University of Würzburg discovered new molecular details of self-assembly of a spider silk fibre protein.

Life Sciences - Dec 7
Life Sciences

The plant hormone jasmonic acid also performs a function that was previously unknown. It ensures that the leaf pores close when leaves are injured.

Life Sciences - Nov 27
Life Sciences

When an organism develops, masses of cells combine to form different types of tissue, all of which have different functions.

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