Mathematics - Aug 15
Hours of contemplation, approaching a solution in small steps, and a healthy scepticism towards computer-generated results. In these guest articles, two mathematicians at the University of Münster, Dr. Franziska Jahnke und Dr. Mira Schedensack , explain what mathematical research means to them and what the aim of this research is.
Earth Sciences - Aug 14
Earth Sciences

The Alps are on the go: The mountain range drifts northwards an average of one-half millimeter every year and rises 1.8 millimeters.

Medicine - Aug 13

Certain bacteria occur frequently and foremost on the skin of people with atopic dermatitis, and it is known that this disease seriously compromises the skin's barrier function.

Environment - Aug 14

Trees are growing more rapidly due to climate change. This sounds like good news. After all, this means that trees are storing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in their wood and hence taking away the key ingredient in global warming.

Environment - Aug 9

Receding glaciers and dwindling snowfalls pose a threat to meltwater-dependent agriculture in large parts of the high mountain regions of South Asia.

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