Medicine Oct 20
Compared to their counterparts twenty years ago, today's 65-year-olds not only feel younger but are generally healthier overall - and enjoy greater life satisfaction. That is just one of the latest results of the Interdisciplinary Longitudinal Study on Adult Development and Aging (ILSE) that was launched in 1993 at the Institute of Gerontology at Heidelberg University.
Medicine Oct 20

Research news - Obesity leads to the release of cytokines into the bloodstream which impact the metabolism of breast cancer cells, making them more aggressive as a result.

Life Sciences Oct 13
Life Sciences

Research news - Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is characterized by restless, painful legs that do not settle down at night.

Physics Oct 16

Research news - For the first time ever, scientists have measured electromagnetic and gravitational signals generated by the collision of neutron stars.

Physics Sep 29

Research news - The Technical University of Munich (TUM) was successful in all subsidy lines in the first two rounds of the German Excellence Initiative, held in 2006 and 2012.

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