Physics - Oct 12
When we put water in a freezer, water molecules crystallize and form ice. This change from one phase of matter to another is called a phase transition. While this transition, and countless others that occur in nature, typically takes place at the same fixed conditions, such as the freezing point, one can ask how it can be influenced in a controlled way.
Medicine - Oct 11

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is expanding its network in Asia and is simultaneously focusing on research hubs that can leverage mutually complementary expertise to create a unique position.

Medicine - Oct 2

12,354 men at the age of 45 spoke about sex for a study by the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Life Sciences - Oct 5

The formation of protein complexes is a highly organised process that does not begin with the "finished" proteins.

Life Sciences - Oct 2
Life Sciences

Crops such as wheat and maize have undergone a breeding process lasting thousands of years, in the course of which mankind has gradually modified the properties of the wild plants in order to adapt them to his needs.

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