Environmental changes influence microbial diversity

Life Sciences - Apr 18
Life Sciences

Environmental changes influence microbial communities, which are crucial for the health of the earth and humans. For instance, altered eating habits with heavily processed foods can lead to disrupted gut flora, or intensive agricultural practices can disturb the carbon cycle in the soil, respectively.

Life Sciences - Apr 18

Does a Molecular Mechanism Protect against Traumatic Memories?

Life Sciences

Neuroscientists identify effect of a protein that controls memories of fear-ridden events at the biological level.

A frustrated jet in the centre of the Milky Way

Astronomy & Space

Magnetic fields spiral around the mass monster Sagittarius A* and form up for a restart.

Peptides on Interstellar Ice

Peptides are organic compounds that play a crucial role in many biological processes, for example, as enzymes.

Physics - Apr 16

Understanding the universe - SHiP experiment promises new insights into the world of elementary particles


Researchers from six German research institutions are making a significant contribution to the development of detectors for a new experiment at CERN, the research centre for particle physics.

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