Environment - Nov 29

University of Bonn study shows where diversified farming also makes economic sense. Where and how can diversified farming practices be put to profitable use in order to boost both productivity and biodiversity? Researchers at the University of Bonn have tackled this question in a study that has now been published in "Communications Earth & Environment." Agriculture, like other sectors of the economy, is a profit-driven business.

Chemistry - Nov 29

Formaldehyde can inhibit enzymes that produce hydrogen particularly efficiently. Researchers from Bochum have discovered how this can be prevented.

Health - Nov 28

Efficient removal of abnormal myelin allows survival of nerve fibers targeted by adaptive immune cells, according to a novel study by scientists of the University Hospital Würzburg.

Health - Nov 29

TUM researchers develop rapid test for severe infections. Researchers have developed a method for assessing the number and structure of aggregated blood platelets (or thrombocytes) that can potentially help quantify the risk of a severe COVID-19 infection.

Earth Sciences

Researchers led by Göttingen University determine factors for chemical development in crater lakes on Earth.

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