Chemistry - Aug 10
The reagent provides access to the class of clustered transition metal carbonyl cations. Chemists from Freiburg have succeeded in converting polynuclear transition metal carbonyls into their homoleptic complex cations using typical inorganic oxidants. In their work, the research team of Malte Sellin , Christian Friedmann and Ingo Krossing from the Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry and Maximilian Mayländer and Sabine Richert from the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the University of Freiburg show that the anthracene derivative with a half-step potential of 1.
Health - Aug 10

Study shows the surgical precision employed by the pathogen in this process - The fungus Ustilago maydis attacks corn and can cause significant damage to its host.

Environment - Aug 9

An international research team around Hervé Bocherens of the Senckenberg Centre for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment at the University of Tübingen and his PhD candidate Sophie G. Habinger has reconstructed the habitat of the ancestors of

Life Sciences - Aug 10

Investigations at Research Neutron Source lead to discovery of a previously unknown animal species. A team of German and Argentinian researchers has used neutrons in the FRM II research neutron source at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) to identify an animal species that has been extinct for 220 million years.

Astronomy - Aug 5

Signs of disturbance in the dwarf galaxies of one of Earth's nearest galaxy clusters indicate an alternative gravity theory.

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