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Astronomy - Dec 2
Researchers at Freie Universität Berlin Publish Study in the Journal Astrobiology. In the future, space missions would be at least technically capable of detecting DNA, lipids, and other components of bacteria on ocean moons in our solar system - if such building blocks of life exist outside Earth. This has now been demonstrated in laboratory experiments by an international team led by scientists from the Planetary Science and Remote Sensing Research Group at Freie Universität Berlin.
Life Sciences - Nov 30
Life Sciences

Researchers decrypt transport dynamics of porous media - What laws govern how chemicals pass through filters?

Environment - Nov 25

By dispersing seeds, animals can rapidly reestablish plant diversity in degraded forests. As UN climate talks close in Egypt and biodiversity talks begin in Montreal, attention is on forest restoration as a solution to the twin evils roiling our planet.

Health - Nov 29

Size of fat cells can cause metabolic diseases - If you gain weight, the fat cells grow with you. In cases of severe obesity, the cells are usually greatly enlarged.

Life Sciences - Nov 25
Life Sciences

Protein scissors activate defense function, a study shows - For several years now, the CRISPR/Cas9 gene scissors have been causing a sensation in science and medicine.

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BioTech Territory Manager (DACH Region) VectorBuilder, Neu-Isenburg
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Doktorand (gn*) Biologie / Biochemie Universitätsklinikum Münster
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Unit Laboratory Manager European Molecular Biology Laboratory, EMBL, Grenoble
Chemistry - 09.11
Professor of Sustainable Biosynthesis EPFL, Lausanne
Life Sciences - 09.11
Faculty Position in Cancer Bioengineering EPFL, Lausanne
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Postdoc and PhD positions in Bioengineering, Vascular Biology and Aging Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)
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PhD fellowship / studentship, Medical Faculty Universität Augsburg
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