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Location: Tübingen
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz, 72074 Tübingen

Affiliation: Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Wuerttemberg, mwk

The University of Tübingen is a research university of international standing. As a full university, it is characterised by its diversity of subjects and the resulting opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation in research and teaching. While maintaining its diversity of subjects, the university nevertheless positions itself clearly by setting priorities in those areas in which excellent achievements in research and teaching are achieved and where sustainable development opportunities arise.

Life Sciences - Apr 6
In an article published in Nature Ecology & Evolution , an international team of researchers sequence the genome of an almost complete skull first discovered in ZlatÃoe Kůň, Czechia in the early 1950s and now stored in the National Museum in Prague. The segments of Neanderthal DNA in its genome were longer than those of the Ust-Ishim individual from Siberia, the previous oldest modern human sequenced, suggesting modern humans lived in the heart of Europe more than 45,000 years ago.
Religions - Apr 6

The University of Tübingen is mourning Dr. h.c. mult. Hans Küng. He passed away on April 6, at the age of 93, at his home here in Tübingen. "The University of Tübingen has lost a productive researcher, an extremely creative scholar and an outstanding theologian," said University President, Professor Bernd Engler.

Physics - Mar 30

A team of scientists has been using DESY's X-ray source PETRA III to analyze the structural changes that take place in an egg when you cook it. The work reveals how the proteins in the white of a chicken egg unfold and cross-link with each other to form a solid structure when heated.

Psychology - Mar 29

Great apes do not pass on their behavior to the next generation. Unlike humans, they do not copy the specific knowledge of those around them, instead learning it anew in each generation. This is shown in a study by Dr. Alba Motes-Rodrigo and Dr. Claudio Tennie of the "Tools and Culture in Early Hominins" research group at the University of Tübingen.

Computer Science - Jul 26, 2018
Computer Science

New video clarifies important elements of artificial intelligence in lay terms The University of Tübingen has produced a short film explaining the significance of research into machine learning.

Life Sciences - Mar 31

Fish was not on the menu of the hunter-gatherers of southern Europe 27,000 years ago. Surprisingly, people on the Iberian Peninsula in the Late Gravettian period mostly ate plants and land animals such as rabbits, deer and horses.

Philosophy - Mar 30

The Dr. Leopold Lucas Prize in 2021 goes to the philosopher Bernhard Waldenfels. The award committee paid tribute to his work, which explores the ways of, and conditions for, understanding what is foreign.

Life Sciences - Mar 16

A team of researchers from Tübingen and Israel uncovers how brain structures can maintain function and stable dynamics even in unusual conditions. Their results might lay the foundations for better understanding and treating conditions like epilepsy and autism.

Environment - Jul 19, 2018

An international team of scientists has shown how much sea level would rise if Larsen C and George VI, two Antarctic ice shelves at risk of collapse, were to break up.

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