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Pharmacology - Sep 25
Nanoparticles with synthetic DNA can control release of drugs - Medications often have unwanted side-effects. One reason is that they reach not only the unhealthy cells for which they are intended, but also reach and have an impact on healthy cells. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), working together with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, have developed a stable nano-carrier for medications.
Health - Sep 15

Immunofluorescence staining of the muscle tissue of a chronically diseased human heart under the confocal microscope.

Life Sciences - Aug 27
Life Sciences

Organs in animals and in humans have one thing in common: they are bounded by so-called epithelial cells.

Health - Aug 31

As part of a wide-ranging research project, Leipzig scientists have developed a sophisticated coronavirus antibody test that can even be used in the home.

Health - Aug 25

In cooperation with colleagues from Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, researchers at Leipzig University have investigated the structure of tumour tissue and the behaviour of tumour cells in detail, gaining important insights that could improve cancer diagnosis and therapy in the future.

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