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Physics - Jan 25

Team at the University of Freiburg analyzes how model bacteria dock to and penetrate membrane bubbles. How and with what effort does a bacterium - or a virus - enter a cell and cause an infection? Researchers from Freiburg have now made an important contribution to answering this question: A team led by physicist Alexander Rohrbach and his collaborator Dr. Yareni Ayala was able to show how thermal fluctuations of a model bacterium and membrane oscillation modes of a model cell influence the energy with which the model bacteria dock and enter the membrane.

Physics - Jan 23

Researchers at Göttingen University develop new method for X-ray colour imaging .

Physics - Jan 20

Researchers at the University of Bonn confirm validity of a central theorem of physics for Bose-Einstein condensates.

Physics - Jan 23

PRESS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS Phase transition in the early universe changes strength of interaction between dark and normal matter Dark matter remains one of the greatest mysteries of modern physics.

Physics - Jan 17

Physicists at Leipzig University have once again gained a deeper understanding of the mechanism behind superconductors. This brings the research group led by Professor Jürgen Haase one step closer to their goal of developing the foundations for a theory for superconductors that would allow current to flow without resistance and without energy loss. The researchers found that in superconducting copper-oxygen bonds, called cuprates, there must be a very specific charge distribution between the copper and the oxygen, even under pressure.

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