Natural Sciences

Physics - Mar 27

Scientists at the Universities of Würzburg and Ottawa have solved the decades-old problem of distinguishing between single and multiple light excitations. They present their new method in the journal Nature.

Chemistry - Mar 27

Modern energy storage systems are an important building block for a climate-friendly future. "Modern" means not only that their performance meets the demands of a high-tech society, but also that they can be produced and recycled sustainably.

Physics - Mar 23

Physicists present new result of the ATLAS detector. The W boson is the mediator particle of the electroweak force.

Anisotropic microbubbles open up forward-looking possibilities for ultrasound imaging and drug delivery.

Physics - Mar 21

Researchers from the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat have achieved a significant milestone in the pursuit of energy-efficient quantum technologies by designing a ferromagnetic topological insulator.

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