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Physics - May 26

Team in conjunction with the University of Freiburg generates low-energy electrons using ultraviolet light. Solvated dielectrons are the subject of many hypotheses among scientists, but have never been directly observed. They are described as a pair of electrons that is dissolved in liquids such as water or liquid ammonia.

Sky rock testifies to intense collisions in early solar system. A suspected meteorite find at the end of April in Elmshorn in Schleswig-Holstein has now been confirmed: Scientists from Münster and Dresden have analyzed the find and determined that the rock is a so-called common type H chondrite.

Physics - May 22

The Collaborative Research Centre ToCoTronics in condensed matter physics will be extended for four more years. The German Research Foundation is funding it with 12 million euros.

Astronomers at the University of Potsdam have succeeded in making one of the world's first brightness measurements of the supernova SN2023ixf in the constellation Ursa Major, which was discovered only on Friday evening.

Physics - May 22

Research team at Göttingen University discovers surprising properties of the cytoskeleton.

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