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Research team with participation of the University of Göttingen clarifies tooth wear in ruminants. Ruminants show a special behavior when eating: They swallow their plant food roughly chewed, then regurgitate it several times and continue chewing. This has a decisive advantage, as a research team with participation from the University of Göttingen has shown: The regurgitated food mush contains fewer hard silicates from sand and dust than the food initially ingested.

The Technische Universität Ilmenau, together with research partners, has developed a microphone inspired by biology that picks up sound similar to the human ear.

Children will eat more fruits and vegetables if families take more time to eat meals. This is the result of a new study led by researchers at the University of Mannheim and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin.

Microtechnics - Apr 20

Reading time 4 min. NewIn: Achim Lilienthal. In this "NewIn" release, we introduce Achim Lilienthal. He is building robots with a sense of smell that can detect dangerous gases to prevent accidents.

Architecture - May 3

The next milestone for construction on Poppelsdorf Campus. A laboratory and seminar building called the "Rotation Building" is being erected on the University of Bonn Poppelsdorf Campus, built by BLB NRW, the construction and real estate agency of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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