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Health - Nov 15, 2017
Worldwide survey of antibiotics researchers indicates uncertainty about number of deaths - New survey tool helps gather global expert opinions on existential issues
Media - Feb 3, 2017

In spite of its limitations, automated journalism will expand. According to media researchers, this development underlines the need for critical, contextualised journalism.

Media - Mar 5, 2016

An experimental study carried out by LMU media researchers has found that readers rate texts generated by algorithms more credible than texts written by real journalists. Readers like to read texts generated by computers, especially when they are unaware that what they are reading was assembled on the basis of an algorithm.

Media - Aug 26, 2016

Atherosclerosis - commonly known as “hardening of the arteries? - occurs when deposits on the inner walls of vessels lead to chronic inflammation and narrowing of the vessels.

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