History - Oct 28
Last summer, archaeologists from the University of Münster discovered a previously unknown sanctuary from the Roman era during excavation work in the ancient town of Doliche in south-eastern Turkey. Over a period of nine weeks, the team - headed by Prof. Engelbert Winter and Prof. Michael Blömer from the Asia Minor Research Centre -uncovered parts of a large temple notable not only for its size but also for its unusual form.
Art and Design - Aug 3

Studies of pigments from wall paintings in Cueva Ardales, a cave in southern Spain, have confirmed the assumption that they originated from Neanderthals / Publication in PNAS.

Art and Design - Jul 5
Art and Design

Discovery from Unicorn Cave in Lower Saxony sheds new light on ancestors' cognitive abilities Since the discovery of the first fossil remains in the 19 th century, the image of the Neanderthal has been one of a primitive hominin.

History - Jul 22

65,000 years ago Neanderthal from the Swabian Jura hunted horses and reindeer with hafted leaf-shaped stone points.

History - Jun 29

researchers investigate the spread of weighing systems across Western Eurasia 4,000 years ago.

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