Physics and materials science

¤4.8 million for Projects on the Big Bang and the Higgs particle

Astronomy & Space - Physics

Several research groups at the Department of Physics at Universität Hamburg will receive almost ¤5 million over the next three years for their joint projects at the world's largest particle accelerator. With their measurements, they are researching the particles that form the building blocks of all matter.

Rodents inspire dentistry

Physics - Materials Science

Researchers discover an iron-containing material in the outer enamel of rodent teeth that could also make human teeth more resistant.

Universität Heidelberg Appoints Johanna Stachel Senior Professor distincta

Physics - Campus

Johanna Stachel has left a lasting imprint on Heidelberg University with her work as an outstanding scientist, her commitment to university interes

The analysis of the universe

Astronomy & Space - Physics

University of Göttingen involved in the development of a new high-resolution spectrograph.

Physics - Jun 7

Perturbations simplify the study of ’super photons’


A study by the University of Bonn gives novel insight into properties which are often difficult to observe.

Searching for Signals from the Early Universe

In the search for signals from the early universe, the Heidelberg scientist Georg Wolschin deals with the question of whether and how residual spectral lines from the recombination phase with the formation of the first ele

Julian Schmitt Presented with Industrie-Club Award for Quantum Gas Research

Physics - Event

Dr. Julian Schmitt Presented with Industrie-Club Award for Quantum Gas Research Dr. Julian Schmitt Presented with Industrie-Club Award f

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