Physics and materials science

Materials Science - Physics - Mar 24
Materials Science - Physics
In the production of compounds, chemists have the fundamental goal of finding strategies that are most selective and avoid waste products. Breakthroughs in this area serve, among other things, to drive industrial innovation and drug development. In this context, allylic substitution reactions using catalysts made of so-called transition metals have already led to significant advances in science.
Physics - Feb 27

Neutrons show the details of the drying process during freeze drying Freeze drying has provided us with tasty dried fruits in muesli, long-life yoghurt cultures and many other important products.

Life Sciences - Physics - Jan 29
Life Sciences - Physics

Protective protein in the eye lens affects protein oxidation The lens of the human eye comprises a highly concentrated protein solution, which lends the lens its great refractive power.

Physics - Innovation - Feb 10
Physics - Innovation

The development of a quantum computer that can solve problems, which classical computers can only solve with great effort or not at all - this is the goal currently being pursued by an ever-growing number of research teams worldwide.

Chemistry - Physics - Jan 17
Chemistry - Physics

Organic molecules with atoms of the semi-metal boron are among the most important building blocks for synthesis products that are needed to produce drugs and agricultural chemicals.

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