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Pedagogy - 05.07.2024
Whether Children Lie Depends on the Social Environment
Whether Children Lie Depends on the Social Environment
Parents and upbringing play a major role in determining how often children lie. This behavior can be positively influenced with simple measures. This is shown by a new study by economists from Würzburg, Bonn and Oxford. Everyone lies - some more, some less. Children are no different. An international team of economists has now investigated the influence of the parental home and upbringing.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 13.10.2023
Teachings beyond words
Teachings beyond words
Even in digital courses, it's not just the spoken word that counts. Aspects such as tone of voice, eye contact and the appreciation experienced are also important, as a study by the University of Würzburg shows . With the corona pandemic came its big boom: digital lectures. Depending on the incidence and the respective regulations, lecturers and students met digitally in specially set up Zoom meetings.

Pedagogy - Health - 03.07.2023
Greater emotional exhaustion among math teachers* in Corona pandemic
Greater emotional exhaustion among math teachers* in Corona pandemic
Long-term study by a team of researchers led by Thamar Voss, an educational scientist from Freiburg, examining the period from 2007-2022 As part of a long-term study, researchers were able to examine the significance of the Corona pandemic for the professional well-being of math teachers: On a scale of 1 to 4, teachers* mean emotional exhaustion increased from 1.89 in 2019 to 2.41 in 2021.

Pedagogy - 07.03.2023
Small support improves access to childcare and employment
Small support improves access to childcare and employment
Benefits for women with lower educational attainment Relatively minor support with the application process is enough to help families with lower educational attainment secure childcare places. A new study shows that mothers subsequently spend more working hours and that the earnings gap between mothers and fathers becomes narrower.

Pedagogy - Linguistics / Literature - 02.02.2023
Can Codified Gestures Help Language Learners Master Grammar Rules?
New study by a researcher in English didactics at Freie Universität Berlin shows that the use of hand gestures in English lessons can improve language retention A recent study from the Institute of English Language and Literature at Freie Universität Berlin has shown that using codified gestures as a teaching method may make it easier for children and adolescents to understand the grammar rules of a foreign language.

Pedagogy - 13.10.2022
Teaching self-regulation early - with sustainable effects on children’s educational success
Research study by the universities of Mainz and Zurich demonstrates high effectivity in developing the ability for self-regulation in young primary school students 13 October 2022 Self-regulation, i.e., the ability to control attention, emotion, and impulses, as well as being able to pursue individual goals consequently, is a skill that we usually do not spontaneously associate with young children.

Pedagogy - 18.06.2021
High-resolution microscope built from LEGO and bits of phone
Research led by Göttingen University shows constructing microscope improves children's understanding Microscopy is an essential tool in many fields of science and medicine. However, many groups have limited access to this technology due to its cost and fragility. Now, researchers from the Universities of Göttingen and Münster have succeeded in building a high-resolution microscope using nothing more than children's plastic building bricks and affordable parts from a mobile phone.

Pedagogy - Mathematics - 02.06.2021
Digital school books help low-achieving pupils
Digital school books help low-achieving pupils
Study on use of tablets in mathematics Low-achieving pupils benefit more in mathematics lessons from learning materials on tablet PCs than high-achieving children. They are obviously helped by individualized learning paths, immediate feedback and the hands-on processing of interactive content. This conclusion was reached in a study conducted by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) with sixth-grade students.

Pedagogy - 23.04.2021
Knowledge Alone Is Not Enough: New study shows that the educational study PISA could be more than just a way of ranking countries
Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin, the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, and Boston College offer a new perspective on results from large-scale educational assessments and a more meaningful way of comparing outcomes No 067/2021 from Apr 23, 2021 Professor Steffi Pohl, a researcher at Freie Universität Berlin, is part of an international team taking an in-depth look at large-scale educational assessments such as PISA ("Programme for International Student Assessment").

Pedagogy - 09.03.2021
Schools are on a good track amidst the coronavirus crisis
Schools are on a good track amidst the coronavirus crisis
In the study "Continuity and Change of Schools in Times of Crisis" (Kontinuität und Wandel der Schule in Krisenzeiten - KWiK), school principals were asked how they are mastering the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Initial results from the study paint a positive picture but reveal the need for some catching up as well.