Call for papers: Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability

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Call for papers of the "Journal of Innovation Economics & Management". The idea of this call for papers is to combine both artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability and investigating how AI solutions could offer the possibility of facing the challenges raised by sustainable development.
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Research on the relationships between AI and sustainability has mostly emphasized on machine learning models and algorithms on the environmental pillar of sustainability with a particular focus on climate change, transportation and mobility, sustainable agriculture, waste management, biodiversity, energy or pollution management. However, the literature sheds light on contradictory inputs from AI with both positive impacts by, for instance, reducing the effects of climate crisis or predicting climate change and negative consequences as being a source of pollution. Moreover, only few studies focus on the link between AI and societal or economic aspects of sustainability, and the existing results appear equally ambiguous.

Therefore, in a world where AI and sustainability are of prime importance, further research is needed, and researchers are invited to explore and uncover the potential synergies and interactions between AI and sustainability, taking into consideration the triple bottom line and using a multi-scale approach. Emerging questions pertain to the role of firms as transmitters, mediators and/or users of information, governmental programs and policies, intellectual property and open access, demand-side interventions, such as influential consumer collectives, or citizenship and political social awareness. Papers could treat sectors such as (but not limited to) agriculture, education and training, space, finance, biochemistry, energy or health.

Papers proposed could include following topics (not limited to):

  • Compatibility and interactions between AI and sustainability
    Are AI and sustainability compatible? What are the links between AI and sustainability (roles and impacts)- Can AI be sustainable? What are the limits of AI in a sustainable environment? What are the most appropriate theoretical frameworks to address AI-sustainability issues?

  • Role, functions, and interactions between AI actors in relation to sustainable development
    Who are the AI actors? How are they organized? To what extent does the current AI ecosystem support sustainability? What are AI actors’ main challenges? How do they apprehend sustainability?

  • Exploration of the artificial intelligence-sustainability relationship from a multi-scale perspective
    What are the acceptance factors of AI in a sustainable environment? What are the economic and social implications for customers, citizens, companies, governments, or international institutions? What are the implications specifically for small-and medium sized companies and startups? What are the regulatory implications? What are the main challenges for the future?

  • How can AI transform and foster sustainable research and innovation? How can AI promote a sustainable innovation?

Submission deadline is November 30, 2022.