Looking back and moving forward: Cells in Motion Highlights Symposium

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Münster, 2 September 2019

We cordially invite everyone interested to come! Our scientists will present their innovative approaches and exciting research findings in the interdisciplinary field of cell dynamics and imaging. In the following ceremonial programme, members and longstanding supporters of our Cluster will share their personal "Cells in Motion moments" and will introduce the new directions for the future. We will enjoy the evening with a food truck and music.

Young investigator talks

  • Antonella Russo - Alarming and calming: Opposing role of S100A8/S100A9 dimers and tetramers on monocytes

  • Anna Livia Linard Matos - Addressable cholesterol analogs for live imaging of cellular membranes

  • Niraimathi Govindasamy - A biomimetic platform mimicking the implantation site of mouse embryos

  • The Rector’s perspective
    Johannes Wessels - Rector of WWU
  • Cells in Motion moments
    Ralf Adams, Cornelia Denz, Xiaoyi Jiang, Uwe Karst, Christian Klämbt, Sven Meuth, Wilhelm Schmitz, Joachim Spatz - members and supporters of "Cells in Motion"
  • (E)motions
    Lydia Sorokin, Volker Gerke, Michael Schäfers - Coordinators of "Cells in Motion"
  • Foodtruck and music

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