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Environment - Mar 4
March 5 is the annual Energy Efficiency Day - reason enough for Kathrin Nolte to talk to Prof. Andreas Löschel about meaningful instruments relating to energy and climate issues. Löschel holds the Chair of Microeconomics with a Focus on Energy and Resource Economics at the University of Münster.
Physics - Mar 1

A German-polish research team from Augsburg, Münster, Munich and WrocÅ‚aw successfully mixed nanoscale sound waves and light quanta.

Mathematics - Feb 15

The Rectorate has awarded the WWU Research Prize for 2020 to Eugen Hellmann, an investigator of our Cluster of Excellence, for his outstanding achievements.

Materials Science - Jan 29
Materials Science

Research on manufacturing battery cells is gaining momentum - and there is a strong need, considering the future demand for energy storage: For the year 2030, global production of rechargeable batteries will double from today's 750 gigawatt hours (GWh) per year to 1,500 GWh.

Environment - Jan 27

“Sustainability? is the term given to a global concept which seeks to unite environmental protection, social justice and economic prosperity to the benefit of present and future generations.

Materials Science - Feb 18

Smartphones and laptops constantly in use, smart building technology, the expansion of renewable energies, networked charging stations for electric cars or the debate surrounding air taxis: sustainable, safe and efficient batteries are the basis of our lives as well as paving the way for the future.

Physics - Feb 2

Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen as a key technology with fields of application in a wide variety of areas in society.

Environment - Jan 27

Climate change - mobility - consumption: for some years now, the idea of sustainability has been playing an ever greater role in social and political life.

Religions - Jan 26

Renowned cultural scientist and Egyptologist working at University of Münster's Cluster of Excellence on cultures of remembrance in times of digital change - Public evening lecture on 2 February on religion and culture from Ancient Egypt to the modern period

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