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Life Sciences - Sep 17
Life Sciences
A comprehensive analysis of white blood cells in the tissue surrounding the brain / Study published in the journal "Nature Neuroscience". The brain holds numerous unsolved medical mysteries. Only a few years ago it was discovered that the outer layer of the meninges is interlaced with lymphatic vessels.
Environment - Sep 15

The German Federal President's Office announced today at the Deutsches Museum in Munich that Dr. Carla Recker (Continental), Dirk Prüfer (University of Münster) and Dr. Christian Schulze Gronover (Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biol

Health - Sep 13

"You can't see the wood for the trees" is a phrase which we certainly don't associate immediately with the medical examination and analysis of testicles.

Health - Aug 24

In his "Applied Medicine for Musicians" course, senior physician Ingo Budweg explains to young musicians the value of their bodies "What's special about our hand?" Dr. Ingo Budweg asks the twelve students from Münster's University of Music in a Zoom meeting.

Religions - Aug 13

Annual conference of the "European Academy of Religion" (EuARe) comes to Germany for the first time in August - 900 researchers expected at the University of Münster - Cluster of Excellence represented with 15 panels: Political Islam, Religion and Emotion, Church under National Socialism, Religion and Sustainability - Participation for interested parties possible online or on site - Registrations until 27 August

Materials Science - Sep 14

MEET Researchers Decode Reaction Mechanisms During Interphase Formation in Lithium Batteries. A team of MEET Battery Research Center led by scientist Marco Leißing has now used isotope labelling and gas chromatography to analyse the reaction pathways during interphase formation in lithium batteries.

Law - Sep 6

The project, which is being funded for the next few years with a ¤ 1.6 million Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council, is headed by its initiator, Niels Petersen, Professor of Public Law, International Law, EU Law, and Empirical Legal Studies at the University of Münster.

Research Management - Aug 17
Research Management

In the recently published "Academic Ranking of World Universities" 2021, the so-called Shanghai Ranking, the University of Münster ranks again among the top ten universities in Germany and is listed rank seven to ten.

Earth Sciences - Aug 11
Earth Sciences

Although Dr. Christian Maas does his research only on the computer, it's sometimes as if he were standing in a laboratory.

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