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Criminology - Jul 1
Whether demonstrations against Corona measures or for climate protection - all citizens may peacefully assemble and publicly express their opinions. This is regulated by the Basic Law. But are the police allowed to take photos of the events at demonstrations, for example as part of their public relations work on Facebook or Twitter?
Health - Jun 30

Career prospects for -clinician scientists new career support programme facilitates integrated medical and scientific qualifications For medical professionals who are active in both patient care and research, many scientific questions and opportunities to apply new research findings arise directly from everyday clinical practice.

Politics - Jun 29

The "Münster International Peace Research Initiative" (mipri) strengthens the University and the city of Münster as a location for peace and conflict research.

Philosophy - Jun 28

Should more immigration be allowed, not only to counter the threat of an ageing population in our society but also to help with the problem of a lack of skilled workers? Anyone advocating this strategy does not base their demand for more open borders on any moral rights which people wanting to immigrate may have - as predominantly happens in philosophical ethics - but on the interests which the host society has.

Mathematics - Jun 22

Junior researcher Dr. Giles Gardam convinced the German Research Foundation (DFG) with his project: The DFG is providing funding from the Emmy Noether Programme of just over one million euros for the Münster mathematician.

Politics - Jun 29

The "Münster International Peace Research Initiative" (mipri) strengthens the university and the city as a location for peace and conflict research.

Health - Jun 28

Binge eating bye bye: Signaling pathway in the brain to control food intake decoded. A group of researchers has found a completely new approach to treating eating disorders.

Health - Jun 24

Chronic illnesses can make university studies considerably more difficult - three women affected tell of their experiences According to the latest findings of a nationwide survey of students in Germany, 11.87 percent of those questioned at the University of Münster said they had an impairment which made studying more difficult for them.

Life Sciences - Jun 21
Life Sciences

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is a long chain of molecules composed of many individual components, and it forms the basis of life on Earth.

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