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Astronomy - Feb 2

Harald Hiesinger talks about the European Space Agency's -PANGAEA- training programme and about his job as a course instructor. In a few years' time, man wants to return to the Moon. Astronauts are to take part in Artemis missions, planning and carrying out geological expeditions on the surface of the Moon.

Environment - Feb 1

Palaeobotanists analyse plant fossils 252 million years old 252 million years ago, there occurred the greatest mass extinction in the history of the Earth up to that time: three-quarters of life on land and up to 95 percent of marine species vanished within just a few thousand years.

Interdisciplinary - Feb 1

The opportunities and challenges presented by networking and interdisciplinary collaboration - the dossier kicks off with a guest commentary by Michael Quante.

Chemistry - Jan 25

In this series of videos, the Communication and Public Relations department presents six academics from a variety of disciplines who are either junior professors or who head a group of junior researchers.

The Director of MEET, Martin Winter, discusses the visit being paid to the Battery Research Centre by experts from Stanford and Twente.

Astronomy - Feb 1

Philosopher of science Ulrich Krohs and physicist Kai Schmitz talk about the universe. Science Year 2023 is devoting itself to the subject of "Our Universe".

Interdisciplinary - Feb 1

Networking and interdisciplinarity play a major role at Münster University In setting up the Münster University Centre for Europe and opening an Office in Brussels in December 2015 , the University helps its researchers to position themselves in the EU funding landscape.

Life Sciences - Jan 25

Team of researchers at Münster University show in the fruit fly how mechanical tearing cut neural connections.

Geophysicist Michael Becken on the -Sensational Find- in Sweden and the Involvement of the University of Münster.

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