Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium Launches ’Productive Teaming’

The Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium presents ’Productive Teaming’, a d
The Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium presents ’Productive Teaming’, a development in industry that could revolutionize production
The International Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium (ISC) at the TU Ilmenau started today (04.09.2023) with a wide range of engineering topics of the future. Under the motto "Engineering for a changing World", 400 participants from 17 countries will spend five days seeking technical and technological answers to a rapidly changing world - in view of the increasing consumption of energy and climate change, above all to questions of efficiency and the circular economy. For example, the ISC is presenting a development in industry that could revolutionize production: "Productive Teaming."

Researchers from Chemnitz University of Technology, TU Ilmenau and Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg - united in the CHIM network - are completely rethinking production in industry: Whereas since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th/19th centuries, humans have been the actors who got the machines running and always solved all the problems, Productive Teaming brings the machine into the team. Human/machine interaction, which has already been at the heart of manufacturing since Industry 4.0, is of paramount importance: People and machines are adjusted to each other in the production process with the help of artificial intelligence and their actions are coordinated so that tasks and problems are solved more efficiently than ever before.

Intelligent machines are not only learning to learn, but also to intervene empathically in the production process. Just as a human foreman recognizes that a worker is overworked or mentally overwhelmed and provides him with support or removes him from the production process altogether, so too - according to the vision of Productive Teaming - will machines do in the future. With Productive Teaming, not only mechanical cogs will mesh in the production process in the future, but also artificial intelligence, software and sensor technology - and humans.

First held in 1956, the IWK is the engineering conference with the longest history in Europe. This year’s engineering topics range from precision engineering and metrology, digitalization and Industry 4.0 to mechanics, mechatronics, biomechatronics, compliant systems, the development of technical systems and innovative metallic materials - all fields of expertise at TU Ilmenau.

Prof. René Theska

Head of Organization Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium
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