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Networking and interdisciplinarity play a major role at Münster University

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In setting up the Münster University Centre for Europe and opening an Office in Brussels in December 2015 , the University helps its researchers to position themselves in the EU funding landscape. The Centre’s aims are to draw together all the University’s Europe-related activities and to support, justify and encourage them.

Strategic partnership : The Universities of Twente and Münster have been collaborating for more than 40 years in a variety of fields. In addition to collaborations in research and joint courses of study, there are regular exchanges of students and university staff.

Since 2010 , the Brazil Centre has been offering comprehensive support and advice to Münster University members in the fields of research, transfer and teaching. The office in São Paulo is the first port of call for all students and researchers.

Münster University has around 550 partnership agreements with universities and scientific organisations all over the world.

The two Clusters of Excellence "Religion and Politics" and "Mathematics Münster" bring together researchers from around 25 disciplines at Münster University.

At Münster University there are currently 17 Collaborative Research Centres (CRCs). CRCs are interdisciplinary research alliances entered into by a university, which are funded by the German Research Foundation and have a duration of up to twelve years. CRCs enable work to be done on innovative and challenging research projects.

There are currently 5 Research Training Groups at Münster, through which the University supports junior researchers. The German Research Foundation provides funding for these Groups for up a maximum of nine years.

In the past five years there have been 186 interdisciplinary research projects at Münster University.

The Münster University lecture list for the 2022/23 winter semester contains 40 interdisciplinary courses or seminars which are offered by at least two different faculties or research institutes at the University.

This article first appeared in the University newspaper wissen