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Digital atlas of Ethiopian cultural artefacts

History & Archeology - Earth Sciences

Norbert Nebes from the University of Jena and Prof. Mulugeta Feseha from the University of Addis Ababa (from left) are documenting archaeological sites in the "Ethiopian Heritage Digital Atlas" (EHDA). Ethiopia in North Africa: In the province of Tigray, along ancient trade routes where gold, ivory, ebony and incense were traded for centuries, past cultures have left countless traces.

Visiting flowers and transporting pollen in fragmented landscapes

Earth Sciences

Research team compares wild bee networks at a small scale and at landscape level. Traditionally, interactions between plants and their pollinators are analysed on the basis of visits to flowers.

From Agricola to the future

Earth Sciences - Event

Event Knowledge Transfer and Innovation - Published: Zinnwald, Goldwasserthal, Silberstrasse and above all'Erzgebirge - these place or field names

Rhizobial bacterium helps diatom to bind nitrogen

Life Sciences - Earth Sciences

Newly discovered symbiosis probably plays a major role in marine nitrogen fixation.

Campus - Earth Sciences - May 24

Budapest Universities: High Academic Awards for Bernhard Eitel

Campus - Earth Sciences

Rector emeritus of Ruperto Carola receives honorary doctorate from ELTE and is appointed honorary senator of Semmelweis University.

Iron-sulfur minerals bear witness to earliest life on earth

Life Sciences - Earth Sciences

A team of researchers at the Universities of Tübingen and Göttingen has found that certain minerals with characteristic shapes could indicate the acti

Investigating the porosity of sedimentary rock with neutrons

Physics - Earth Sciences

Research on geological deposits at the FRM II.

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Earth Sciences - 24.05
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