Brass ensemble organises musical journey around the world

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Four brass players in a church. Image: Gerhard Buechner/IJOA
Four brass players in a church. Image: Gerhard Buechner/IJOA

Moscow, Venice, Paris - these are just some of the locations of a musical journey around the world that can be experienced on 30 April from 8 pm at the Volkshaus in Jena. The "International Young Orchestra Academy" (IJOA) is once again giving a guest performance in cooperation with the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. This time, twelve brass instruments and a percussionist will take to the stage to perform highlights from opera, operetta and film music at the almost two-hour charity concert in aid of children with cancer in Jena.

"Following last year’s success, we are once again focusing on extraordinary wind music in 2024," says IJOA Director Ulrich S. Schubert from the University of Jena: 13 students from Jena, Weimar and Vienna will perform this musical journey around the world under the artistic direction of Prof Erich Rinner and Alexander Richter.

"In addition to top musical performances, the idea of cooperation across national borders is at the centre of this concert by an ensemble from a total of seven nations. There arealso no stylistic limits to the formation, with the talented musicians travelling around the globe and across music history," explains chemist and clarinettist Schubert.

The entire colour palette of brass chamber music is reflected in the various instrumentation sizes: from the intimate small form to the magnificent, imposing sound of the large ensemble. The musical journey takes us from the court of Henry VIII to Renaissance Venice and 19th century Tsarist Russia. Then, after a stopover with the Bayreuth all-father Richard Wagner, it turns into the 20th century, where the concert programme comes to a furious conclusion with well-known melodies from film and television.

Thanks to numerous sponsors, all proceeds from the concert and donations from the IJOA guest performance in Jena will go to the Jena Parents’ Initiative for Children with Cancer and the Jena Children’s Aid Foundation. Advance tickets are now available from the Jena Tourist Information Centre and by e-mail to: And if there are any remaining tickets, they can be purchased at the box office from 7 pm on the day of the concert.

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