Zentrum für Geoinformationswesen der Bundeswehr

Location: Euskirchen
Frauenberger Str. 250, 53879 Euskirchen

Discipline: Earth Sciences
Affiliation: www.bundeswehr.de

The Bundeswehr Geoinformation Centre (ZGeoBw) provides all organisational areas with the geoinformation they need. The Army, Air Force, Navy, Medical Services and the Armed Forces Base are thus always supplied with the latest data. This includes, for example, weather reports or map material. The Centre for Geoinformation covers all geoinformation. Essentially, these are from the fields of biology, ethnology, remote sensing, geodesy, geoinformatics, geology, geophysics, geopolitics, hydroacoustics, hydrography, hydrology, cartography, climatology, meteorology, ecology, oceanography and photogrammetry. The centre updates relevant information, produces and provides elevation data and prepares meteorological forecasts for the German Armed Forces and the NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization. The team also produces maps and calculates bird strike probabilities. The latter are a decisive factor for flight safety. And all this 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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