When and How Does Touch Make a Difference?

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A hug can have a beneficial effect. Even when it comes from a robot. Touch can do a lot of good - so far, so good. But to what extent do humans benefit from it? How much touch is allowed? Who should touch and where? When we experience physical contact - does it even have to be with another human? A research team from Bochum, Duisburg-Essen and Amsterdam analyzed over 130 international studies with around 10,000 participants to answer these questions.

Psychology - Mar 20

Motivated Supervision Increases Motivation when Writing a Thesis


What influence do supervisors have on the motivation of students working on their thesis? And what effect does grade pressure have? Psychologists at the University of Würzburg investigated in a study.

Transidentity in minors

In Western Europe, the number of children and adolescents who do not identify with their sex assessed at birth and who therefore seek help is rapidly increasing. A recently published updated systematic review evaluates the current evidence on the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex-hormones in minors with gender dysphoria as insufficient, and therefore emphasizes the particular importance of psychological and psychotherapeutic interventions for this vulnerable group.

Physical activity counteracts the negative consequences of being alone

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Physical activity in everyday life has the potential to compensate for the negative consequences of being alone on well-being - especially in psychologically and neurobiologically vulnerable people.

Psychology - Mar 12

Included in the thought? New studies on the generic masculine


The generic masculine generally emphasizes the masculine side. The fact that all genders are of course meant does not change this. This is shown by a new study by Würzburg psychologists.

Psychology - Feb 20

Mental health impaired internationally following the outbreak of war in Ukraine


International team led by Münster researchers studies psychological consequences of the war.

Schema therapy is effective for treating severe depression

Psychology - Health

In an uniquely extensive study, researchers were able to demonstrate the clinical benefits of schema therapy in the context of inpatient treatment. This therapy is therefore a promising alternative for the treatment of severe depression.