Psychology - Jan 14
Scientists from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster have developed a method to measure the full extent of eye movements during blinks for the first time. The new method uses Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), to take many fast measurements of an entire cross-section of the eye, unlike most common eye tracking that measures only the front of the eyeball.
Health - Psychology - Dec 15, 2021
Health - Psychology

12/15/2021 - Seeing masked people can activate pre-existing fear of coronavirus infection. A more positive image for masks could remedy the situation.

Health - Psychology - Dec 9, 2021
Health - Psychology

Current study on the frequency and costs of the health consequences of sepsis disease.

Psychology - Economics - Jul 8, 2021
Psychology - Economics

Würzburg psychologists have studied the phenomenon of impulse buying behaviour. People who focus on enjoyment act differently than people who play it safe.

Psychology - Dec 14, 2021

The lives of millions of people worldwide have been profoundly changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. And all of us have found different ways of dealing with these changes.

Psychology - Aug 27, 2021

University of Jena sets up mental health first aid team and provides information on mental health on a new website.

Psychology - Mar 29, 2021

Great apes do not pass on their behavior to the next generation. Unlike humans, they do not copy the specific knowledge of those around them, instead learning it anew in each generation. This is shown in a study by Dr. Alba Motes-Rodrigo and Dr. Claudio Tennie of the "Tools and Culture in Early Hominins" research group at the University of Tübingen.