Psychology - Aug 27
University of Jena sets up mental health first aid team and provides information on mental health on a new website.
Psychology - Economics - Jul 8
Psychology - Economics

Würzburg psychologists have studied the phenomenon of impulse buying behaviour. People who focus on enjoyment act differently than people who play it safe.

Life Sciences - Psychology - Mar 18

A study in biological psychology has shown that habitual gamblers use strategies during reinforcement learning that differ from those of the control group. This difference could be caused by changes in the dopamine system that influence strategic planning.

Psychology - Life Sciences - Dec 21, 2020

New HU study on the influence of "fake news" on the brain. Neurocognitive studies by researchers at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) show that headlines with emotional content influence our judgments about other people even when we consider the media source to be untrustworthy.

Psychology - Mar 29

Great apes do not pass on their behavior to the next generation. Unlike humans, they do not copy the specific knowledge of those around them, instead learning it anew in each generation. This is shown in a study by Dr. Alba Motes-Rodrigo and Dr. Claudio Tennie of the "Tools and Culture in Early Hominins" research group at the University of Tübingen.

Health - Psychology - Mar 10

Heidelberg, Mannheim and Ulm researchers succeed in application review procedure. Researchers from Heidelberg, Mannheim and Ulm, together with other selected locations, are going to take on the establishment of the new German Centre for Mental Health, operating jointly in the research alliance ZIHUb.

Psychology - Dec 15, 2020

The research being carried out by Dr. Nina Engelhardt fills a gap in our understanding of tolerance as well as in (cognitive) literature, and her project has led to her being included in the Baden-Württemberg Foundation's Elite Program for postdocs.

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