Psychology - Life Sciences - Dec 21, 2020
New HU study on the influence of "fake news" on the brain Neurocognitive studies by researchers at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) show that headlines with emotional content influence our judgments about other people even when we consider the media source to be untrustworthy. Rumours, half-truths and misinformation can be consumed and shared non-stop online and have an enormous reach.
Psychology - Dec 14, 2020

During the corona crisis, neurotic people experience more negative emotions in their everyday lives, are more unstable emotionally and worry more about their health.

Health - Psychology - Jul 27, 2020
Health - Psychology

In addition to the medical and economic crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has also affected many people's subjective well-being.

Psychology - Jul 7, 2020

Due to border closures in the wake of the corona crisis, the arrival of refugees in Europe has temporarily dipped. However, worldwide numbers of refugees have surged, again, within a year, driven by violence, war, persecution, economic hardship, or climate change.

Psychology - Health - Oct 12, 2020
Psychology - Health

Freie Universität research team is looking for trial participants for "Step-by-Step" improvement program

Psychology - Jul 14, 2020

Psychological study shows connection between emotional arousal and assignment of sound sequences as well as associative meanings

Psychology - Social Sciences - Jun 15, 2020
Psychology - Social Sciences

Following the rapid spread of COVID-19 in Europe and North America in March 2020, many people around the world began hoarding goods such as toilet paper.

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