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Health - May 10
COVID-19: New study shows which strategies governments can use to achieve "herd immunity" Vaccinations represent the most important and most promising tool in the fight against the coronavirus. It is estimated that at least 60 to 70 percent of the population will have to be vaccinated in order to be able to stop the coronavirus pandemic.
Administration - Apr 28

The President's Executive Council will start a new term in office under the leadership of Sabine Kunst At its meeting on 27th April 2021, the Academic Council of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin elected the vice-presidents for the Research, the Academic Affairs, and the Finance, Human Resources and Operations departments.

Mathematics - Apr 22

Bernd U. Schipper from the Faculty of Theology and Bruno Klingler from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences receive a total of 4.3 million euros of funding Dr. Bernd U. Schipper, professor for History of Israel in its Ancient Near Eastern Context, and his team receive a total amount of 2.5 million euros for their project DEMBIB through an Advanced Grant by the European Research Council (ERC).

Campus - Mar 31

As a result of the new resolutions of the federal and state governments to contain the coronavirus pandemic, the existing restrictions in operations of the Berlin universities and colleges will be extended until 24th April 2021.

Social Sciences - Feb 17
Social Sciences

What is the best way for students or academics to act on social media? How do we actually talk to one another? And what role does academia play in heated societal debates? A conversation about manners with Dr Romy Jaster and Geert Keil from the Department of Philosophy at the Humboldt-Universität.

Campus - Apr 26

The pandemic-related restrictions to university and college operations agreed by the Senate Chancellery for Higher Education and Research and the State Conference of the Rectors and Presidents of the Higher Education Institutions in Berlin (LKRP) on 30th March 2021 are being extended until 31st May 2021 in view of the ongoing high number of infections.

Life Sciences - Apr 16

Using a new microscope and methods from biophysics and biochemistry, scientists from the IRI Life Sciences at Humboldt-Universität and the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Light succeeded in visualizing the density of the spindle and the surrounding cell interior Left: A new imaging setup allows for correlative fluorescence and quantitative phase imaging.

Health - Mar 17

New study gives hope for more effective therapies Human cells are constantly changing shape. Biologists know that these morphological changes reflect changes in a cell's function but our ability to understand the meaning behind a cell's shape has, to date, been limited.

Physics - Feb 15

A group of researchers from the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society and the Humboldt University of Berlin have found out that semiconductors can be converted to metals and back more easily and more quickly than previously thought.

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