Sport didactics explained simply

At HU shows explanatory videos on sports didactic basics. In an interview, Dr. Ahmet Derecik reports on how this project came about and what the goal of the videos is.

What is the project "Sports didactics simply explained" about?

Dr. Ahmet Derecik: In this project, the basics of sports didactics are explained in animated videos for (non-specialist) teachers in sports, but also beyond that, e.g. for trainers in sports clubs or in children’s and youth work, in a way that is easy to understand and with practical examples. The explanatory videos are not a replacement for the classic literature, but we think they are a useful and contemporary addition.

How did the project come about?

Derecik: The project came about as part of the digitization strategy at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. In the Department of Sports Didactics and Instructional Research, the idea came up to conduct seminars in the Flipped Classroom or Inverted Classroom format. For this purpose, we wanted to make use of explanatory videos on sports didactic basics, which were to be actively watched by the students in self-study before the units by completing tasks for them. In this way, the attendance phase was to be used entirely for application and consolidation.

However, we quickly realized that explanatory videos on sports didactic basics hardly existed. In order to close this gap in the market and to be able to conduct our seminars in the inverted classroom format, we decided to create our own explanatory videos on this subject area. In doing so, we have developed a seminar concept which is itself structured in the inverted classroom format and where students create explanatory videos.

What is the goal?

Derecik: In this project and in our seminars on the topic of "Flipped Classroom and explanatory videos in physical education", there are different goals. In the seminar, the aim is to link theory with practice, to expand the students’ competence in dealing with digitalization (especially inverted classroom as an integrating concept) as well as subject didactic topics for physical education. In this way, we also aim to bring digitization in teaching to the "next level". Furthermore, the videos created should, in the sense of a transfer, be able to be used publicly beyond the seminar context from the beginning and be usable for further target groups beyond the HU. For this purpose, we have developed a project group in the department of Sports Didactics and Instructional Research, which subsequently subjects the explanatory videos from the seminars to quality assurance and revises them.

Who is involved in the project?

Derecik: Katja Schmitt, Bernadette Girshausen and I, the student assistants Maxi Werth and Maximilian Schulz, and sports students in our seminars at the Humboldt University of Berlin are all involved.