Rising Star

The Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy is accepting fellowship applications from talented early-career researchers / Online applications due by May 31

No 065/2020 from Apr 29, 2020

Freie Universitšt Berlin’s Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy has fellowships available for promising early-career researchers from around the world. The Rising Star Fellowship Program is open to researchers who have completed a doctoral degree within the last four years. Applicants cannot be alumni of Freie Universitšt Berlin or have been employed at one of the university’s departments or institutes. The fellowship comes with a monthly stipend of 2,500 euros for two years. It also includes additional funds for travel expenses, family members, and research costs. Applications are due by May 31, 2020, and must be submitted online.†

"The program is meant to bring international ideas and impulses to the department’s research groups and networks," says Professor Matthias Rillig, Dean of the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy at Freie Universitšt. The fellows will take part in the research activities of their host research groups or networks and publish findings together with them.†

The Rising Star Program is intended primarily for researchers from abroad. Application materials should be submitted online and must include a CV with a list of publications, a twoto four-page project outline with specific plans for collaborative work with research groups at Freie Universitšt, as well as reference letters from two research groups within the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy. Applicants can potentially increase their chances of success if they submit project proposals that involve two research groups from two different institutes within the department, meaning the applicant’s project spans both groups and strengthens cooperative interactions between them.†

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, all public events at Freie Universitšt Berlin have been canceled through July 20, 2020.

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