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Location: Heidelberg - Baden-Württemberg
Grabengasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg

Affiliation: Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Wuerttemberg, mwk

The University of Heidelberg is the oldest university in present-day Germany. In the course of its more than 630-year history, it has repeatedly renewed itself as one of the leading intellectual centres in Europe. The University sees itself as a research university with twelve faculties in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics, humanities and theology, law, economics and social sciences, and medicine.

Environment - Jul 22
HEIDELBERG RESEARCHERS DEVELOP NEW CRYSTALLINE MATERIALS THAT ADSORB POLYFLUORINATED HYDROCARBONS ON THEIR SURFACE. Emissions of greenhouse gases contribute significantly to global warming. Not only carbon dioxide (CO2) but also fluorine-containing gases - including so-called per- or polyfluorinated hydrocarbons, or PFCs - have a significant share in this development.
Health - Apr 26

The founder of the first institute for gerontology in Germany has died at the age of 91.

Law - Apr 20

The Heidelberg University team won two first places and several honourable mentions at the 29th edition of the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, which is the worldwide biggest and most prestigious international mock court where students play different roles for practice.

Astronomy - Apr 8

Eva Grebel is the first to win the new medal awarded jointly by the Royal Astronomical Society and the German Astronomical Society.

Physics - Apr 5

Silvia Franchino and Monica Dunford responsible for detector operation and data analysis.

Earth Sciences - Apr 20
Earth Sciences

Klaus Tschira Foundation bolsters funding for Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology.

Campus - Apr 11

Donation account and assistance on residence status, studying or working at Ruperto Carola. In view of the ongoing armed conflicts in Ukraine, Heidelberg University regards itself as responsible for supporting the students, doctoral candidates and researchers affected by this Russian war of aggression.

Health - Apr 7

Competent ministries vote for link-up of Heidelberg and Mannheim University Hospitals. Today (Thursday 7 April) the government of the State of Baden-Württemberg went public with an agreement by the relevant portfolios on the desired merging of the Heidelberg and Mannheim University Hospitals. The ministries have come out in favour a link-up of the two hospitals, initially retaining the current structure of financial responsibility.

Astronomy - Mar 31

The astrophysicist Dr Dylan Nelson, who heads an Emmy Noether junior research group at the Centre for Astronomy of Heidelberg University, has received the Hector Research Career Development Award.

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