Strengthening gender diversity

Updated IT systems and optimized administrative processes in support of gender diversity: Changing your gender designation and/or your name is now straightforward at the University of Stuttgart.

The University of Stuttgart sees the diversity of its members as an essential part of excellent science, successful learning and working. Everyone, regardless of their gender, should be able to acknowledge their identity and reach their full potential in an environment characterized by tolerance and respect without having to fear negative reactions or discrimination. Changes have been undertaken at the University of Stuttgart to strengthen gender diversity:

  • Students and employees can select not only "female" or "male", but also the gender designations "diverse" or "undisclosed" and also retroactively change their gender designation.
  • Trans* and inter*sex individuals can change their name if they wish, even if their name has not yet been officially changed.

Prof. Silke Wieprecht, Vice Rector for Diversity and Internationalization , summarizes the changes: "Transgender, intersex or non-binary persons can select the gender designations ’diverse’ or undisclosed’ at the University of Stuttgart and it is now also straightforward to change your name. We have updated our IT systems and optimized our administrative processes. This not only fulfills the university’s legal mandate as an agile, intelligent system, but is also another major step forward in our diversity strategy, strengthening our acceptance of all individuals who are part of our university."