Girls’ Day on April 22

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Try your hand at making a hand cream, building a smart greenhouse with a light and temperature regulator, or teaching a computer how to speak - schoolgirls attending Girls’ Day at the University of Stuttgart will learn how to do all this, and more.

Numerous institutes and facilities at the University of Stuttgart are preparing 30 fascinating activities, to show girls how exciting science and technology are. Schoolgirls from classes five to ten (approximately 11 to 17 years of age) are invited to attend and try out new technologies for themselves.

Future prospects for schoolgirls

Theresia Bauer, Minister for Science, Research and Art, will also be visiting the university’s Girls’ Day and taking part online in the workshop "Making things from ideas: Designing and printing a 3D-model", which is carried out as part of the MakEd_digital project, the pedagogical-didactic Makerspace at the University of Stuttgart. "I am delighted to be able to attend Girls’ Day at the University of Stuttgart today. Girls’ Day is all about dissolving clichés and it is an important instrument for showing young girls the exciting opportunities offered by science and technical study programs at universities in Baden-Württemberg. I very much welcome the University of Stuttgart’s long-term and enthusiastic commitment to Girls’ Day", says Minister Bauer.

Whether testing out experiments that froth and foam, girl power in space, or self-programming cars, the University of Stuttgart wants to support schoolgirls and help them to follow their dreams. The female workshop supervisors help to dissolve common prejudices against women and girls who are interested in technology or science, and they also know a lot about what jobs offer the best opportunities for the future. The activities on offer at the University of Stuttgart’s Girls’ Day are popular and this year, as in previous years, many events were quickly booked out. Tanja Walther, who organizes Girls’ Day at the University of Stuttgart, is delighted that over 450 schoolgirls have signed up.

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