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Location: Paderborn - Nordrhein-Westfalen
Universität Paderborn, Warburger Str. 100, 33098 Paderborn


History / Archeology

From Tuesday, July 18, Paderborn University presents itself in a new appearance: A new corporate design and newly designed web pages bring a breath of fresh air to the University, which was founded in 1972. In recent months, intensive preparations have been made for this. On Tuesday and Wednesday, July 18 and 19, the websites will be converted to the new design.

Campus - Jul 14

Deadline: 15 September 2023. The University Executive Board announces postdoctoral fellowships to support women in science. The aim of the program ist to enable talented young female scientists to pursue a successfull career in research and teaching after completing their doctorate.

Career - Jul 6

The European Commission grants 14 million euro in funding. Since 2021, Paderborn University has been coordinating the "COLOURS" alliance (COLlaborative innOvative sUstainable Regional univerSities), consisting of nine universities from across Europe.

Politics - Jun 21

The voting members of Paderborn University were called to vote in the period from June 5 to 12. Members of the status groups university teachers, academic staff, technical and administrative staff and students were called to vote.

Innovation - Jul 10

Future artificial intelligence (AI) systems, and AI-based robots in particular, must be able to understand and gauge not only their own actions, but also those of others.

Computer Science

Making history with 42 digits: Scientists at Paderborn University and KU Leuven have unlocked a decades-old mystery of mathematics with the so-called ninth Dedekind number.

Physics - Jun 14

Researchers from the Department of Physics and the Institute for Photonic Quantum Systems (PhoQS) in Paderborn have successfully produced quantum dots - nanoscopic structures in which the quantum properties of matter come into play - that glow in the optical C-band at a wavelength between 1530 and 1565 nanometers as part of a project funded within the Collaborative Research Center/TRR 142.

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