High rankings for TUM degree programs

TUM offers its students the best study conditions.    Image: Andreas Heddergott

TUM offers its students the best study conditions. Image: Andreas Heddergott / TUM

Students awarded excellent ratings to the Technical University of Munich (TUM) for studies in management and information systems. In the new rankings by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE), TUM is listed in the top group in numerous categories.

Every three years the CHE rates subjects at more than 300 universities. The main objective is to offer guidance to prospective students. To compile the rankings, the center conducts surveys of students and assesses various performance indicators. In around 30 categories, which vary from subject to subject, universities are classified in three groups (top, middle and bottom).

The latest issue, released today , covers management and information systems. Students at TUM awarded top marks to both areas under the criteria courses offered, research orientation and career orientation. TUM is also listed in the top group with regard to IT infrastructure and the equipment provided in libraries and other spaces. In addition, the CHE analysis shows that TUM provides optimal support during the study entry phase.

In recent years TUM also achieved outstanding results in the CHE rankings for engineering , medicine, natural sciences, mathematics and informatics.

The fact that graduates are ideally prepared for the career world is also consistently demonstrated by the Global University Employability Ranking , based on a survey of approximately 8,000 companies in around 20 countries. In the most recent survey, TUM was ranked sixth worldwide.

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