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Life Sciences - Health - 21.09.2010
University of Freiburg launches research project on the digital printing of single biological cells
IMTEK coordinates European project PASCA Freiburg, 21. The Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK), University of Freiburg , is the principal technology partner and project coordinator of the EU Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development research project PASCA (Platform for Advanced Single Cell Manipulation and Analysis).

Life Sciences - Health - 10.09.2010
Rebuilding immunoreceptors reveals their mode of activation
BIOSS scientists discover the mechanism of how our immune system can be activated for the production of antibodies against thousands of different structures, publication in Nature Freiburg, 10. Just 110 years ago in 1900, Paul Ehrlich, one of the founding fathers of modern immunology, gave the Croonian Lecture to the Royal Society in London "On Immunity with Special Reference to Cell Life".

Life Sciences - Health - 16.07.2010
Surprising solution to an old problem
Scientists from the Department of Molecular Immunology, Institute of Biology III, Faculty of Biology and the Centre for Biological Signalling Studies, BIOSS have discovered a new mechanism that drives the development of B-lymphocytes in our bone marrow. B-lymphocytes are an important part of our immune system.

Health - Chemistry - 05.07.2010
Nanomachines in the powerhouse of the cell
Scientists of the University of Freiburg and the University of Frankfurt have elucidated the architecture of the largest protein complex of the cellular respiratory chain.They discovered an unknown mechanism of energy conversion in this molecular complex. The mechanism is required to utilize the energy contained in food.

Agronomy / Food Science - Health - 03.05.2010
Chocolate for a long life
Chocolate for a long life
A reasonable amount of chocolate lowers blood pressure and prevents the risk of heart attacks. German nutritionists obtained this result from an eight-year survey of 19,357 people aged 35 to 65 years.