Merz Akademie

Merz Akademie

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Location: Stuttgart - Baden-Württemberg
Teckstraße 58, 70190 Stuttgart

Discipline: Art and Design

The -Free Academy for Cognition and Design,- as the Merz Akademie was called in 1918, the year it was founded, already sought to integrate intellectual and physical work into a single process. n 1985, three years after the academy was taken over by Markus Merz, the Merz Akademie was granted state accreditation as a college of higher education by the Ministry for Sciences and Art. Today, with the Merz Akademies clear interest in the disciplines of the humanities, social, and cultural studies, design, and art, as well technology, the university positions itself between a classical art academy, a technical college, and a humanities faculty. The fields of study are: Crossmedia Publishing, Film and Video, New Media and Visual Communication with special interest in theory and cultural studies.

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