other obligatory insurances

other obligatory insurances

As well as German employees, foreign employees are also obligated to pay social insurance contributions.

Pension Insurance

Currently, the pension contribution is 18,7% of the gross income. One half of the contribution is payed by the employer. The current state pension scheme is based on the so called pay-as-you-go system. That means, that today’s employees finance current pensions and the next generation pays the pensions of today’s employees. The actual retirement age is 65, but will be increased to 67 (in 2029).

Foreign employees have the same rights and obligations than German employees. Periods of employment in Germany are took into account for the pension. But only after a period of five years, the insured person is entitled to the pensions payments. If this is not the case, the insured person normally gets paid out the money.

Accident Insurance

If you are workings for a German employer as a foreigner, you are automatically accident-insured with your employer. Your employer pays the total contribution. The insurance covers work-related and travel accidents as well as occupational diseases. Travel accidents are accidents which happens at work or on official work related travel. Travel accidents are accidents which happens on the direct way from home to work or from work to home. Occupational diseases are diseases which are caused by an occupational activity.

Nursing Care Insurance

Thew nursing care insurance is the fifth pillar of the social security scheme and protects against the risk of care dependency. The contribution is 2,35% of the gross income. One half of the contribution is payed by the employer. Every statutory insured person is automatically member of the nursing care insurance. If you fulfil the conditions for the private health insurance, (see private health insurances) you can get a private nursing care insurance.

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