optional insurances

optional insurances

Besides the mentioned obligatory insurances, there are some optional insurances, which are definetely recommendable. Here you can learn more about optional insurances in Germany.

Liability Insurance

The liability insurance provides protection against claims resulting from injuries and damage to people and property. This insurance is probably one of the most important insurances, because in the event of damage a person is liable with all his or her assets.

Disability Insurance

The disability insurance is a very important insurance, if you make a living only with your own labour. If you are unable to practice your profession because of a disease, an accident or disability, you get a monthly pension from your insurance. When you take out the insurance, you can determine the amount of the monthly pension.

Legal expenses Insurance

The private legal expenses insurance advices and represents insured persons in disputes as a private individual. Because legal disputes can be long-lasting and expensive, this insurance protects against high costs. You are also supported in the enforcement of your rights against other private individuals, your (former) employer or your landlord. An additional vehicle expenses insurance bears the incurred procedural costs, if you are involved in a trial after a car accident.

Household Insurance

A household insurance insures your movable assets at home and covers damages caused by fire, water, storm, burglary and robbery. Also items like your camera are insured, when you go on a journey. This insurance is recommendable, if you can’t replace your belongings without finacial problems.

Other Insurances

  • Private accident insurance

  • Life insurance

  • Car insurance

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