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general information

The German social security system

The german social security system is based on 5 pillars.

The social security is the statutory compulsory insurance against risks, which threatens the livelihood of their members. The social security system is very solid in Germany. It is financed by the financial contributions of their members on the one hand and by tax revenues by the other hand. The five pillars of the German social security are: unemployment insurance, pension insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, nursing care insurance.

International social security and social security agreement

In between the european union there is a legal basis, which allows that social benefits can be payed to the entitled person internationally. This ensures that a person who works and/or lives in another country does not suffer any negative impact on insurance cover by changing country. Every country has to treat citizens of other countries like its own citizens. This legal basis counts also for Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

For some countries, wich are not members of the EU, Germany has signed a so called Social Security Treaty. Here you can see a list with the members of this treaty.

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