pivate health insurance

pivate health insurance

Who can be insured by a private health insurance?

Every employee with an income above the income threshold (2017: 6.350 Euro in the old west German states and 5.700 Euro inthe newly formed German states) can be insured by a private health insurance, as well as civil servants and seld-employed persons. The contribution rate can vary from insurance company to insurance company and also depends on the defined scope of services. One half of the contribution rate is also payed by the employer.

What is the service of a private health insurance?

An important feature of the private healt insurance is, that the insured person ca choose a big range of the services individually. In general the scope of services of a private insurance is larger than of a statutory health insurance. A lot of services like optional hospital services, treatment by alternative practitioners or particular dental tratments for example, are payed by the private health insurance. It is important to take a close look at the differnt tariffs and packages to find the adequate insurance which fits your personal needs.

Here you can get an overview about the German private health insurances.

Features of the private health insurance

If you are a member of a private health insurance, the doctor sends the invoice directly to you. The costs are reimbursed by your insurance company if you submit the invoice. Your spouse and your children needs to have their own insurance, that means for each familiy members needs to be payed an own contribution.

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