phd candidate salaries

phd candidate salaries

Calculated on the basis of a full-time position, doctoral students receive between 46,000 and 56,000 euros gross per year, depending on how much experience the doctoral student already has. It should be noted that an employment contract often only covers 50% of the positions.

  • The tariff structure for the salary of scientists and scholars in Germany is very transparent. If a doctoral student is a research assistant at a state university or research institution, he/she is automatically a public sector employee and his/her salary is therefore regulated by a collective agreement.
  • Depending on the institution, this is either the Collective Agreement for the Public Sector (TVöD) or the Collective Agreement for the Public Sector of the Länder (TV-L). These collective agreements are renegotiated every one or two years.
  • All state universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutes thus pay comparable wages. As government-funded research organisations, the Max Planck Society, the Fraunhofer Society and the Helmholtz Association also follow the regulations of the collective agreement for the public sector with regard to employment, pay and social benefits.
  • Doctoral students are classified in the lowest salary group E13 for scientists. Since salary group 13 has a very wide range (from newly started doctoral students to experienced postdocs), the salary groups are differentiated according to experience levels. Since 2018, all public sector wage agreements have differentiated between six experience levels, each with increasing duration.
  • Level 1 is reserved for newcomers to the respective pay category and must be covered throughout by a single employment contract. Doctoral students therefore normally start at level 1, whereas level 4 is reached with 6 years of professional experience. Since a doctorate is usually completed after 6 years, level 3 is usually the highest level reached.

Salaries of doctoral students in Euro per month according to collective agreements, July 2020

the salaries are based on 100% employment

Collective agreement
Level 1
Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
E13 (TVöD) 3.996,72 ¤ 4.335,42 ¤ 4.685,32 ¤ 5.093,03 ¤ 5.586,51 ¤ 5.842,91 ¤
E13 (TV-L) 4.002,26 ¤ 4.329,43 ¤ 4.560,37 ¤ 5.009,04 ¤ 5.629,26 ¤ 5.798,14 ¤

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