cars and driving

cars and driving

Public transports (city busses, passenger trains, and so on) are very efficient, and if you get travel-cards, they can be convenient too. On the other hand, parking the car, especially in towns, is expensive and it can be difficult to find a parking space. However you decide, in the following you find information about driving a car in Germany.

Driving licence

  • EU/EWR citizens can drive in Germany with their current licence without restrictions.
  • Non-EU-citizens can drive with their current licence up to six month after arrival. After six month they have to change it into a German licence. The requirements to get a German licence depends on the country the person comes from. If you stay less than 12 month in Germany, you don’t need to change your licence.
  • Important information for foreign licence holders:

Importing your car

  • Moving from one to another EU-country, you don’t need to declare your personal belongings, because there is free movement of goods within the EU. You can also bring your car to Germany without problems.
  • All the goods that you import from a non-EU country must be cleared by customs. But if you import your car as your personal belonging (like furniture, etc) you don’t need to pay taxes. The requirement is, that you are the owner of the car since 6 month at least. After your arrival in Germany you have 12 month to bring your personal belongings without paying taxes.
  • Here you can find important information to import your belongings:

Buying a new car

  • If you want to buy a used car in Germany, you can find a good second-hand car market. Homepages like or offer a huge choice of used cars.
  • If you prefer to buy a new car, you can find car dealers for every brand in your city.

Car-Sharing and car-rental

  • If you need a car only from time to time, than it makes sense to register with a car-sharing agency. There are a lot of car-sharing agencies in Germany and the largest agencies have already thousands of cars all over the country.
  • The largest agencies are: and
  • If you need a car for a longer period of time, it is recommedable to hired a rental-car. There is a huge choice of car-rental agencies in Germany, and because of the competition they often have very attractive offers, especially if you book on the internet.
  • The biggest car-rentals are: and

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