housing costs

housing costs

Many people are still attracted by large cities, but there is not enough living space available. Therefore it might be possible, that it will be a challenge to find the apporpriate flat, especially in large cities.

Rental prices

The average rental price is 7,25,- Euro per square meter. As the rental prices are different from city to city, you should inform you directly in the city you want to live about the common prices. The most expensive cities are Munic, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg. It can be also a big difference in which district you want to live.

Renting a flat

  • You have to pay a deposit equivalent to 1 up to 3 months of rent. The owner will give back to you this deposit when you leave the flat after checking the flat conditions.
  • You should have a housing assurance. it isn’t mandatory but recommended.
  • Very recommendable is a personal liability insurance. This insurance protects your assets by paying claims and damages in case you enjure other people or property.
  • The charges (heating, electricity, etc.) can be included in the rent or not. If excluded you should account for extra 150/250 Euro/month.

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