basic rental guide

basic rental guide

Practical information to understand real estate offers in Germany.

  • Flats are classified by the number of rooms: 1 room, 2 rooms, 2 and half rooms, 3 rooms...

  • Kitchen and bathroom do not count as a room. Thus, a 3-room flat has kitchen, bathroom, and 3 rooms.

  • « half » means that the flat has a hall or a large corridor.

  • In general, flats are not furnished. There are flats equipped with a (built-in) kitchen, in other flats yo can take over the kitchen from your previous tenant or you need to buy your own kitchen. Sometimes it is possible to rent a furnisehd or partially furnished flat, but for this kind of flats the rent is higher.

  • In Germany, buildings with many apartments often have a common laundry room (equipped with washing and drying machines). The use of the laundry is regulated in the house rules.


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