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Physics - Oct 15
Prof. Harald Fuchs received the "Chinese Government Friendship Award" for his long-standing scientific cooperation with China. The physicist of the University of Münster has been honoured with the highest award given by the Chinese government to foreign experts - this year there are 100 prize winners from 31 countries.
Social Sciences - Oct 14
Social Sciences

In discussions in Germany on immigrants, particularly eastern Germany is often associated with attacks on foreigners and hate crimes against refugees.

Health - Oct 2

How do immune cells behave in the body? What happens during immunotherapy, which is designed to encourage the body's own immune system to attack a disease? To answer these questions, the European Union (EU) brings together leading experts from research and the pharmaceutical industry.

Life Sciences - Sep 24
Life Sciences

When the immune system fends off pathogens, this can happen in a very wide variety of ways. For example, the immune system's memory is able to distinguish a foreign protein with which the organism has already come into contact from another and to react with a corresponding antibody.

Physics - Oct 9

Quantum effects are genuinely found in the world of nanostructures and allow a wide variety of new technological applications.

Social Sciences - Sep 27
Social Sciences

According to the scientific journal "Nature", the University of Münster has gained the most in Germany in the strength of its scientific publications between 2015 and 2018.

Physics - Sep 20

Münster researchers combine nano-optics and organic chemistry to measure complex light landscapes in the tight focus of a laser beam / Study published in "Nature Communications" Structured laser light

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