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Life Sciences - Dec 10
Life Sciences
Broomrape, rattle, dodder. It's not only the wonderful-sounding names that these plants have in common - it's also the way they live, because they do so at the expense of other plants, robbing them of water and nutrients in order to secure their own existence. And, in doing so, they have exerted a fascination on Dr. Susann Wicke, an associate professor at the University of Münster.
Chemistry - Dec 6

German Research Foundation funds Manuel van Gemmeren via Emmy Noether Programme / Establishment of a research group for developing new synthetic methods Dr. Manuel van Gemmeren, a chemist, conv

Chemistry - Dec 3

Chemists at Münster University develop a synthetic method providing access to different stereoisomers of a molecule / Study published in 'Nature Catalysis' Just as our left hand is not superposable to

Administration - Nov 29

Great success for the geoinformaticians of Münster University: The senseBox project receives around one million euros granted from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the "Open Photonik Pro" initiative.

Religions - Dec 4

The walls, the floor, the ceiling - everything is black. The light is dimmed to such an extent that visitors' eyes first have to become accustomed to it when they enter the room.

Astronomy - Dec 2

A Transregional Collaborative Research Center (CRC-TRR) run by teams at Freie Universität Berlin and the University of Münster has been approved for an additional funding period by the German Research Foundation (DFG) to continue their study of how terrestrial planets formed.

Academic Rankings - Nov 26
Academic Rankings

Five scientists from the University of Münster are among the world's most cited researchers: According to the annual citation ranking of the U.S. company Clarivate Analytics, Prof&pe

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