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Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

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Location: Münster
Physics Sep 27
Optical quantum computers are what people are pinning their hopes on for tomorrow's computer technology – whether for tap-proof data encryption, ultrafast calculations involving enormous quantities of data or so-called quantum simulation, which allows highly complex systems to be reproduced on the computer.
Administration Sep 26

Around 2.4 million euros over the coming years / Institute of Geoinformatics at Münster University celebrates ten years of coordinating the course The Brazilian rainforest - monitoring it in order to document any illegal deforestation is one example of a practical subject for the masters course.

Astronomy Sep 2

This image from NASA's Dawn spacecraft shows northern terrain on the sunlit side of Ceres. Ceres is approximately 950 kilometers across.

History Jun 10

During his visit to the UK at the end of April US President Barack Obama made one thing clear: it is in the interest of the United States, he said, for the UK to remain in the EU.

Astronomy Sep 19

All objects in our solar system are build from matter synthesized in previous generations of stars.

Physics Jun 27

On this spring day there is a clear blue sky over the Gran Sasso mountains in Italy. Prof. Christian Weinheimer from the Institute of Nuclear Physics is sitting in a minibus belonging to the Gran Sasso National Laboratory, accompanied by two PhD students and one post-doc.

Medicine May 23

Sometimes an internship abroad can serve as a springboard for an international career – or it turns into a full-time job.