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Medicine Sep 29
Some HIV-infected - and untreated - children do not develop AIDS. A new study shows that they control the virus in a different way from the few infected adults who remain disease-free, and sheds light on the reasons for this difference.
Social Sciences Sep 26
Social Sciences

Three-year-olds quickly absorb social norms. They even understand behaviors as rule-governed that are not subject to any norms, and insist that others adhere to these self-inferred ‘norms', a study by LMU psychologist MarcoF.H.

Earth Sciences Aug 31
Earth Sciences

An analysis of the fossil known as the Minden Monster has enabled paleontologists to assign the largest predatory dinosaur ever found in Germany to a previously unknown genus, among a group that underwent rapid diversification in the Middle Jurassic.

Life Sciences Aug 22
Life Sciences

A new and versatile imaging technique enables researchers to trace the trajectories of whole nerve cells and provides extensive insights into the structure of neuronal networks.

Astronomy Sep 16

The dusty disk surrounding the star TW Hydrae exhibits circular features that may signal the formation of protoplanets.

Media Aug 26

Atherosclerosis – commonly known as “hardening of the arteries” – occurs when deposits on the inner walls of vessels lead to chronic inflammation and narrowing of the vessels.

Astronomy Aug 16

A research group led by LMU physicist Nico Hamaus is calculating the dynamics of cosmic voids and deriving new insights into our entire universe.

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