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Media Aug 26
Atherosclerosis – commonly known as “hardening of the arteries” – occurs when deposits on the inner walls of vessels lead to chronic inflammation and narrowing of the vessels.
Life Sciences Aug 22
Life Sciences

A new and versatile imaging technique enables researchers to trace the trajectories of whole nerve cells and provides extensive insights into the structure of neuronal networks.

Medicine Aug 6

LMU researchers have shown that circadian oscillations in the influx of immune cells into the damaged tissue play a crucial role in exacerbating the effects of an acute heart attack in the early morning hours.

Microtechnics Jul 22

Munich physicists have developed a novel electron microscope that can visualize electromagnetic fields oscillating at frequencies of billions of cycles per second.

Astronomy Aug 16

A research group led by LMU physicist Nico Hamaus is calculating the dynamics of cosmic voids and deriving new insights into our entire universe.

Life Sciences Jul 26

Teams at LMU and EMBL have created photosensitive mimics of a class of signaling molecules, thus enabling their actions to be regulated by light, and affording new insights into the networks that control cellular metabolism.

Life Sciences Jun 16

Uptake of potassium by bacteria is regulated by a single protein that senses the concentration of this cation both inside the cell and in the external medium, and controls the expression of the corresponding transport protein accordingly.

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