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Environment - Sep 28
Orchids may be decorative, but many orchid species are also threatened by land conversion and illegal harvesting. However, only a fraction of those species are included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, because assessments require a lot of time, resources and expertise. A new approach, an automated assessment developed under the lead of biodiversity researchers from Central Germany, now shows that almost 30 per cent of all orchid species are possibly threatened.
Campus - Sep 17

Minister for Democracy Katja Meier said: “The Else Frenkel-Brunswik Institute will compile studies on anti-democratic attitudes and supplement them with its own research and research assignments on Saxony and individual regions in Saxony.

Sport - Sep 9

The new Bundesliga season kicks off on 18 September. One subject that never fails to spark debate in German professional football is whether the so-called 50+1 rule should be abolished - something favoured by Uli Hoeneß and others.

Environment - Aug 31

Zu ?News Portal? German polar research aircraft start atmospheric surveys over the Arctic Ocean Following a five-month mandatory delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, yesterday (30 August) the two German polar research aircraft Polar 5 and Polar 6 launched from Svalbard to conduct their first aerial survey flights over the Arctic this year.

Health - Aug 25

In cooperation with colleagues from Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, researchers at Leipzig University have investigated the structure of tumour tissue and the behaviour of tumour cells in detail, gaining important insights that could improve cancer diagnosis and therapy in the future.

Environment - Sep 9

Ambitious, integrated action combining conservation and restoration efforts with a transformation of the food system.

Health - Aug 31

As part of a wide-ranging research project, Leipzig scientists have developed a sophisticated coronavirus antibody test that can even be used in the home.

Environment - Aug 28

Zu ?News Portal? Environmental Ministry of Saxony and City of Leipzig agree an measures to improve state of Leipzig's floodplain forest Leipzig.

Environment - Aug 25

Much of our knowledge of how biodiversity benefits ecosystems comes from experimental sites. These sites contain combinations of species that are not found in the real world, which has led some ecologists to question the findings from biodiversity experiments.

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